Launching Your Faith

Launching Your Faith Course

"Launching Your Faith" is a workshop that will confirm your standing in your faith and will equip you to reach others and help them grow. Whether you are young, experienced or not sure in your walk with the Lord, this workshop will benefit you in your practical walk with Christ.

This course will help you answer these compelling questions:

- How do I know that I am a Christian and will I always be one?

- How can I get to know God better?

- How can I experience God's love and forgiveness?

- Who is the Holy Spirit and what does he want to do in my life?

- What does God want me to do next?

"Launching Your Faith" runs at various times through out the year. To find out when the next session begins email us here.

Have questions? Contact  Pastor Luke Crawford @ 705-728-3017 ext 1006