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Grassroots Apologetics for Parents (GAP) is kicking off a new chapter located at Emmanuel Barrie with a 10-week study that will help equip parents, grandparents, or anyoneto influence kids toward a confident faith in today’s world!

Given the many challenges of discipling children in our fast-paced, social media dominant culture, it’s mission critical that we all are prepared to help kids navigate the tough faith questions they’ll encounter. GAP is here to help you!

Join us as we begin our study together with Keeping Your Kids on God’s Sideby Natasha Crain. We’ll cover 40 of the most important faith challenges parents and kids need to understand today, including questions like:

• What evidence is there for God’s existence?
• How could a good God allow evil and suffering?
• Do all religions point to the same truth?
• How can Christians believe miracles are even possible?
• How do we know we can trust the Bible’s authors?
• Why do Christians have varying views on how and when God created the world?

Register online!

We will meet Sunday mornings in the Chapel (at the end of the atrium) from 9am-10:30am for 10 weeks beginning Sept 15, 2019 and ending November 17, 2019.