Unreached People Groups are important to us at Emmanuel.  We advance God’s story in our world by supporting evangelism, Bible studies, church planting, and community development in areas where the life-changing news of Jesus has little to no voice.  There are three specific areas of mission that we believe God desires us to focus on as a church: India, The MENA region, and Quebec.

In India there are 2,376 people groups. Of those people groups, 2,139 (90%) are unreached. This means that over 1,326,545,000 people in India have never heard the good news of Jesus.

“G” and “S”

G and S oversee a ministry that works in some of the poorest areas of West Bengal, India. Their ministry provides tutoring centres, vocational training, and worship services. They help to keep vulnerable women from human trafficking by giving them employable skills. They are also involved in church planting. 


“B” works with Partners International India in the Sunderban Islands. He spends time visiting the sick and poor, running a children’s tutoring center, holding Bible studies, as well as shepherding two church plants. 

Jack Chen

Jack is involved in leadership development in South Asia through LeadersFormation. He works among the Bengali-speaking people who are the world’s largest unreached people group with a 0.6% Christian population. 
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Mahima Homes 

The Mahima Care Homes are licensed aftercare facilities in Kolkata for the rescue and restoration of children who were trafficked as minors into the brothels. 

The R Tutoring Centre 

In one of the poorest parts of India, the Sundarban Islands, “G” has established a child tutoring centre. The centre serves 57 children and takes place in a converted cowshed.  This centre doubles for a church on the weekend, where over 80 children attend Sunday School.
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The Bible League 

In India, one in four adults cannot read. The percentages are even worse if you are a woman or living in poverty. For millions of people in India even a basic education is often out of reach. That is why Adult Literacy Classes are so vital as they provide education to the people of India …
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The MENA region is home to 392 unreached people groups. This means that there are 392 people groups who have never had the opportunity or the means to hear about the Gospel

The Karkafis 

The Karkafis work as Global Ambassadors to the Arabic Speaking world, building churches and developing leaders in the MENA region. They also help feed hungry families in Beirut and work to help Syrian refugee families with basic education, food and medicine. 

Clementia Learning Centre 

Lebanon has taken more Syrian refugees than any other country. Now, in Lebanon, there is one Syrian to every four Lebanese. Clementia Learning Centre has been providing a safe, stable learning environment to refugee and other underprivileged children in Lebanon since 2014. 

The Browns 

Adam and Angie Brown teach at a training centre in Dubai, equipping church planters for the Middle East, Southern Asia and Northern Africa.  Dubai is strategically located in proximity to many countries that are closed to traditional missionaries. The training centre equips men and women who can take the gospel into these unreached areas.  

Syrian Refugee Church Plant 

“K” is a pastor who works both with Clementia Learning Centre and with ongoing church planting work among the Syrian Refugee population in Lebanon.  
“Quebec is considered the largest unreached people group in North America with an estimate of about 99.3% of the population that are not Evangelical Christians.”

Matt and Kristen Fraser 

Matt and Kristen serve in Quebec forming intentional relationships in the community and working side by side with their local church to strengthen unity among the Christians in the area. Matt is the Executive Director of Movement Seminary, a seminary… 
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Chris and Sara Middleton 

Chris and Sara work with FEB to recruit missionaries to Quebec, tracking with them, then strategically placing them in areas of need. Working with local leaders, Chris and Sara hope to help birth a discipleship movement based on relationship evangelism. 

Jonathan and Rachel Labelle – La Cite Laval church plant 

Jonathan and Rachel are church planters in Laval Quebec.  Our church partners with them for seven years, partnering in both finances and relationship to help establish their church until it is self sustaining.   

In addition to these focus areas, we have other Global Partners located throughout the globe. These partners work tirelessly to advance the story of Jesus, defend human dignity and provide practical help to the needs of their communities.

Lukasz and Jola Kropisz 

Lukasz and Jola work with to reach the youth of Poland with a  team of people at Josiah Venture’s Polish division called “Fala.” On both the board of Fala and the executive team, Lukasz helps to manage this arm of Josiah Venture, overseeing most of what Josiah Venture does in Poland. 

Michal and Sylwia Skiba 

Michal and Sylwia work with a team of people at Josiah venture to reach the youth of PolandThe Skiba’s join others on the Josiah venture team using a multifaceted ministry approach to reach Poland’s youth for Christ. Michal plays an important role in making sure mentoring takes place and mission stays on target. 

Ben and Krista Taylor 

There are over 100,000 university students in Wroclaw where Ben and Krista minister.  They are currently working alongside a Polish church to reach these university students for Christ.   

“D” and “N” 

“D” and “N” serve in Eastern Europe with Crossworld . They are currently starting a church plant and building relationships with neighbors and students. 

Dan Shurr 

Dan is the director of FAIR, an international relief effort started by the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists that enables Fellowship churches and individual donors to alleviate human suffering and social injustice in the name of Christ. 

Michael and Evynn Schlender 

Michael and Evynn live in Texas and work with YWAM students, providing them with Biblical training. They work with the BELT training initiative with YWAM and are looking to use it in places throughout the world.   

Jacob and Margaret Huyer 

Margaret and Jacob lead and coordinate short term trips around the world with Global Outreach Mission. Margaret helps co-ordinate the trips and teaches health education to the women in the host country. From digging wells to repairing clinics or restoring buildings, Jacob looks for the next construction project that can use the help of a short term team. 

“P” and “B” 

Since 1990, “B” and “P” have been working as Bible translators. As a Translation Consultant, “P” is now involved in coordinating translations in an Asian country. Twice a year, “P” will consult in person.  The rest of the year she consults remotely. “B” focuses on software …  
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Anthony and Shawna Myers 

Anthony and Shawna work at Teen Missions International. Anthony works in the Printshop & Maintenance Departments. Shawna serves as secretary to the Director. Together, they also coordinate the Peanut Kids Camp and lead short term missions trips. 

Brian and Linda Crawford 

Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Crawford’s support the church-planting efforts of 160 colleagues with OMF who serve in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & SW ChinaWhether its providing a place in their home for their colleagues to recover from…
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Jim and Carmen Orr

Jim and Carmen’s mission is to reach at risk youth in Cananeia, Brazil. They provide a place for these youth and their families to gather, have funbe loved, and learn about the love of Jesus through a mutli-site building that houses a gym, an automobile repair shop as well as a crafting area.  

Karen and Seth Hilliker 

Seth and Karen work with New Life Ranch in Colcord, Oklahoma. Both Karen and Seth are involved in mentoring children and teens from the Cherokee reservation using horses, automobile repair and other programs to build relationships.  

Martin and Tammy Lamb 

Martin Lamb works as Director of Public Relations with Ethnos Canada, bringing the needs of tribal church planting to Canada. Martin travels to churches in Canada speaking in services and at mission’s conferences urging the church to send out workers to those who have never heard the gospel. 

Scott and Tracy Blackburn 

Scott and Tracy are located in Peru and run a children’s home called Tat’s Place. Tat’s Place provides permanent and transitional care for children and youth who have been victims of  family violence, abuse or abandonment. 

Brent and Helena Mudde 

Brent and Helena are located in Angola.  Brent is a pilot with MAF and  is commonly called on to transfer patients with acute medical and surgical needs from rural clinics to partner hospitals in larger towns. Brent also helps to offer safe and efficient travel for church and humanitarian workers.  Helena teaches and runs a school on the MAF compound.  

Richard and Brenda Flemming 

As part of FEB International, Richard and Brenda ensure oversight for the successful completion of humanitarian projects in the CongoAs part of their work in the Congo, Brenda and Richard help put into place mission structures and training for missionaries. When in Canada, Richard and Brenda offer mission coaching in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.   

Mark and Karen Naylor 

Mark is the Coordinator of International Leadership Development with FEB Central as well as supervisor of a Bible translation project in Pakistan for Sindhi speakers. Mark and his translation team have been hard at work on the Sindhi translation, simultaneously preparing a translation for a Muslim as well as Hindu audience.   

Ron Pearce 

Ron is the founder and director of Empower Ministries.  Empower’s goal is to strengthen and equip national churches around the world.