Town Hall Meeting September 29th at 7pm – Save the Date! 

The church family is invited to a Town Hall meeting for a presentation and discussion of proposed changes to our existing church By-law. These changes reflect who Emmanuel is as a church today. 

Our existing governing documents were established when we were one congregation, meeting in one building. In early 2019 the Elders recognized that these documents needed to be updated, to reflect the beautiful blessing of multiplication in our ministry. Our by-law needs to support our structure as one church with multiple congregations. A governance review team has been working since 2020. This hard-working team is made up of elders from each congregation (Dennis Mudde and Fred van Arragon from Barrie, Peter Mensinga from North Barrie and Dan Henderson from Orillia) as well as the lead pastors from each congregation and Randy Roebuck.  

On Sept 13 the Board of Elders approved a draft of an updated by-law to present to the members. The Board desires to bring this draft to the membership for discussion and questions, prior to a vote to approve the new by-law at the annual meeting on Oct 23rd. A town hall has been planned for Thursday September 29th at 7:00pm at the Salem Road campus. This will be a presentation of the proposed changes and will include an opportunity to ask questions.  

On Friday Sept 16th members will be emailed links to the current and proposed by-law, as well as an overview of the changes. This will also be available on our website and at the welcome desk on Sunday. If you have any questions or comments, you can also contact Pastor Randy Roebuck or the other members of the review team.